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At GYM FACTORY emsFX, will present three high technology products for health, sport and the body anti-aging based on a better muscle function for people of all ages and fitness levels.

As a world first emsFX, together with the Superior Council of Scientific Research (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas -CSIC), has developed emsFX Supplements, a nutraceutical that improves basic functional levels of skeletal muscle, resulting in a much more healthy and functional muscle. An innovation with a triple effect: improves tone, regeneration and muscle energy capacity through a complex of vitamins, minerals, and a group of amino acids specifically designed to help muscle function.

The other product is emsFX Maxforce, an interactive device that allows us to measure and develop the maximum force. Based on the theory of games, this makes exercise become a fun challenge, records the progress of the user and allows them to share their achievements in social networks, in addition to being able to compete and be classified along with other users around the world.

The third pillar of this interesting “health system” is emsFX EMS, the most advanced method of integral body electrico-stimulation: wireless, multi-user and available in rental mode, which allows its purchase without the need for initial investment.

The combination of the three products becomes a revolutionary business system that will allow the coaches to help improve the levels of muscle mass of your customers thus increasing their state of health, together with their hope and quality of life.