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Maximum strength is the key to increasing athletic performance, body image and life expectancy. emsFX MaxForce lets you measure, train and develop maximum strength. A fun and very effective training for toning the entire body in just 5 minutes a day. Based on the games theory, MaxForce allows people of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy the great benefits of health and beauty that muscle tone provides. 

Designed to work independently TO CREATE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PERSONAL OR GROUP TRAINING or in combination with other training systems like Ems  for better results and higher client retention and center profit.  

Personalize to your liking

A fun training session which adapts to your style. You can personalize both the maxforce and the app with a variety of colours and styles.

Evolve, share, compete

With our android app or IOS all your training results can e registered and shared on social networks. With maxforce you can compete with your friends or with anyone in the world who accepts the challenge. In the ranking section you can see your position on a local, national and international level.

Technical Information


Maximum strength

Progress graphics

Share your progress

Bluetooth connection

Long life battery

800 grs.

Can be customised

Help and Support

Our technical support team is available live from 10h to 17h European standard time.

If you need to resolve any queries on the use of MYOFX SOFTWARE we are always there for you. Our working languages are English and Spanish.

The help section includes a resources library with tips on how to use the software.

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