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Benefits of EMS “Franchise” Business Model

If you are interested in entering this growing service sector emsFX can provide the most effective award winning technology , training and business education for your success and the financial services to support your start.

No training system can instantly transform your body, that would be magic. We can however help you obtain your ideal body shape in relationship to your time investment and with guaranteed results. That is science!

You can get even better results than many types of conventional 90 minute workouts and normal ems sessions starting from just one 20 minute session per week.

Combines with a balanced diet recommended in our nutritional caching program EMS strength training helps you to maintain muscle mass as you reduce weight and thanks to post exercise effect burn up to 3000 calories more than conventional workouts recommended for weight-loss.

emsFX EMS System gives you the competitive edge as it has been scientifically proven to achieve up to 5x better net results than conventional EMS training in fat free mass and strength gains which are vital for reducing risk of disease, improving life expectancy . Stronger and healthier clients are happy ones that keep coming back and bring their friends

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Help and Support

Our technical support team is available live from 10h to 17h European standard time.

If you need to resolve any queries on the use of MYOFX SOFTWARE we are always there for you. Our working languages are English and Spanish.

The help section includes a resources library with tips on how to use the software.

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