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In the show #Tech24 from 28.11.2020, Julia Sieger talks this week about the future of training and sports in general. Together with Peter O’Brian, they try the electro-stimulation training (EMS) from MYOFX, which promises a higher muscle activation in a shorter time. Guest of the show is Luis Wyche, CEO of MYOFX. Learn on the … Read more

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Xavi Martos (pictured right) is the personal trainer of Sergio Pérez (pictured left) – Team Red Bull 2021 – and other successful racing pilots such as Spanish F2 pilot Sergio Canamasas (pictured center). Xavi Martos has been working with racing pilots since 2007 to prepare them for the special demands of professional racing. Xavi Martos … Read more

The myoFX 360 system has received the 2017 National Product of the Year Award Currently, the importance of muscle tone for a better body image and sports performance is known, but few are aware of  its vital  importance for general health. Increased muscle tone reduces our risk of disease and increases our life expectancy. Medical … Read more

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We are glad to announce that the official date of the EMS International Congress 2019 has been set for 9th November 2019 in Florence at the Hilton Garden Inn. Last edition has been a great success, thanks to the participation of the most important international experts of EMS-WB Training (Dr. Inigo San Millan University of … Read more